The main library of the COMPAS framework consists of a core package (compas) and several additional packages for integration of the core into CAD software (compas_rhino, compas_ghpython, compas_blender). The core package defines all real functionality. The CAD packages simply provide a unified framework for processing, visualizing and interacting with datastructures and geometrical objects, and for building user interfaces in different CAD software.

Core functionality

To deal with the different academic backgrounds, programming skills, and computational experience of its users, COMPAS is implemented primarily in Python and designed to be entirely independent of the functionality of CAD software. As a result, it can be used on different platforms and in combination with external software and libraries, and at the same time take advantage of the various scientific and non-scientific libraries available in the Python ecosystem itself. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, it ensures that research based on COMPAS is not tied to a specific CAD-based ecosystem.

CAD integration

In the context of this framework CAD tools are obviously indispensable tools to construct and manipulate geometry, apply constraints interactively, make user interfaces, or even just to use as viewer for running scripts. The CAD helper packages (compas_rhino, compas_ghpython, compas_blender) provide a unified and consistent interface to CAD tools and their ecosystems.