class compas.files.GLTFContent[source]

Bases: object

Class for managing the content of a glTF file.

  • scenes (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.GLTFScene) pairs.

  • default_scene_key (int or None) – Key of the scene to be displayed on loading the glTF.

  • nodes (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.GLTFNode) pairs.

  • meshes (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.GLTFMesh) pairs.

  • cameras (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.CameraData) pairs.

  • animations (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.AnimationData) pairs.

  • skins (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.SkinData) pairs.

  • materials (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.MaterialData) pairs.

  • textures (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.TextureData) pairs.

  • samplers (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.SamplerData) pairs.

  • images (dict) – Dictionary containing (int, compas.files.data_classes.ImageData) pairs.

  • extras (object)

  • extensions (object)


add_child_to_node(parent_node[, child_name, ...])

Creates a compas.files.GLTFNode and adds this node to the children of parent_node.


Creates a compas.files.GLTFMesh object from a compas mesh, and adds this to the content.

add_mesh_to_node(node, mesh)

Adds an existing mesh to node if mesh is a valid mesh key, or through add_mesh creates and adds a mesh to node.

add_node_to_scene(scene[, node_name, ...])

Creates a compas.files.GLTFNode and adds this node to the children of scene.

add_scene([name, extras])

Adds a scene to the content.


Raises an exception if compas.files.GLTFContent.nodes is not a disjoint union of rooted trees.


Returns the faces of the mesh at node, if any.


Returns the vertices of the mesh at node, if any.


Returns dictionary of nodes in the given scene, without a specified root.


Returns a tuple containing a dictionary of positions and a list of tuples representing edges.


Removes orphaned objects.


Walks through all nodes and updates their transforms and positions.


Walks through the scene tree and updates transforms and positions.