Although there is no official support package for FreeCAD, working with COMPAS in FreeCAD is actually quite simple.

Install FreeCAD

If FreeCAD is installed using conda, the Python interpreter in FreeCAD automagically has access to all the packages installed in the same environment.

conda create -n CAD python=3.8 freecad COMPAS -c conda-forge --yes

Launch FreeCAD

To activate this mechanism, you have to launch FreeCAD from the environment it is installed in.

conda activate CAD

Basic Usage

>>> import Mesh
>>> import compas
>>> from compas.datastructures import Mesh as cMesh
>>> mesh = cMesh.from_obj(compas.get('tubemesh.obj'))
>>> mesh.quads_to_triangles()
>>> freemesh = Mesh.Mesh(mesh.to_polygons())