Sublime Text


To install packages in Sublime Text, first install Package Control (

Install Packages

Packages are installed using Package Control. Open the Command Palette and type “Package Control” to see all related commands. Select Package Control: Install Package. To open the Command Palette, do SHIFT+CTRL+P (on Windows) or SHIFT+COMMAND+P (on Mac).

A list with available packages will appear. Select a package and it will be installed automatically. There is no need to restart Sublime Text.

Run scripts

To run scripts from within Sublime Text, you need to select a build system. Please use Conda. Once a build system is selected you can run the current script with Ctrl+B (Windows) or Command+B (Mac).

Virtual environments

If you are using conda to manage your virtual environments, and you installed the Conda package as described above, you can do all environment management dirtectly from Sublime Text. Simply launch the Command Palette and type Conda to see all available options.

Choose Conda: Activate Environment and the select the environment you want to activate. Then select Conda as the build system to use the Python installation of the activated environment.