compas_rhino.utilities.volmesh_from_polysurfaces(cls, guids, precision=None)[source]

Construct a volumetric mesh from given polysurfaces.

Essentially, this function does the following:

  • find each of the polysurfaces and check if they have a boundary representation (b-rep)

  • convert to b-rep and extract the edge loops

  • make a face of each loop by referring to vertices using their geometric keys

  • add a cell per brep

  • and add the faces of a brep to the cell

  • create a volmesh from the found vertices and cells

  • cls (compas.datastructures.VolMesh) – The class of volmesh.

  • guids (sequence of str or System.Guid) – The globally unique identifiers of the polysurfaces.

  • precision (string) – Precision of the polysurface connectivity.


compas.datastructures.Volmesh – The volumetric mesh object.