Grasshopper Components


Under construction…

Grasshopper user objects need to be built using COMPAS Github Action componentizer.

  1. Apply your changes to the component source code (src/compas_ghpython/components).

  2. Rebuild them:

    invoke build-ghuser-components
  3. Install them on Rhino/Grasshopper as usual:

    python -m compas_rhino.install

The install step does not copy them, but creates a symlink to the location in which they are built, so after the first installation, it is usually not required to reinstall them, only rebuild them (unless a new component is added).


This step requires IronPython version 2.7 to be available on the system. The default behavior is to run the command ipy. If this command is not available or is the wrong version, the optional ironpython argument will replace it, eg invoke build-ghuser-components --ironpython="mono path/to/ipy.exe".