Core Extensions


This page is still under construction. Therefore its contents are likely to change frequently…

The core extension packages are COMPAS-friendly Python wrappers for libraries written in other languages, or for their Python bindings. In many cases, the functionality of the extensions is implemented as plugins for the pluggable functions of COMPAS core. It can be therefore be used from compas using the pluggables, or, of course, directly from the extension packages themselves. A list of pluggables in COMPAS core is available here: Pluggables.


compas_cgal is a Python binding (generated with PyBind11) for a selection of algorithms of CGAL, The Computational Geometry Algorithms Library. Among other things, the package provides implementations for the pluggables for boolean operations, triangulation, remeshing, and mesh slicing.

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from compas.geometry import Box, Sphere

A = Box(2, 2, 2)
B = Sphere(1, point=[1, 1, 1])

C = A + B


compas_occ is a wrapper for the Python binding (pythonocc) of OpenCascade. and provides support for NURBS geometry and Boundary Representations (BREPs), independently of Rhino.

from compas.geometry import Point, NurbsSurface

points = [
    [Point(0, 0, 0), Point(1, 0, 0), Point(2, 0, 0), Point(3, 0, 0)],
    [Point(0, 1, 0), Point(1, 1, 2), Point(2, 1, 2), Point(3, 1, 0)],
    [Point(0, 2, 0), Point(1, 2, 2), Point(2, 2, 2), Point(3, 2, 0)],
    [Point(0, 3, 0), Point(1, 3, 0), Point(2, 3, 0), Point(3, 3, 0)],

surface = NurbsSurface.from_points(points)


compas_libigl is a Python binding (generated with PyBind11) for a selection of algorithms of libigl, the geometry processing library of the Interactive Geometry Lab. The package supplements the official Python binding of libigl, and provides functionality that is easier to use in combination with COMPAS.

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compas_gmsh is a wrapper for the Python binding (gmsh) of Gmsh, A three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities, and provides high quality 3D meshing functionality for Finite Element Analysis applications.

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compas_triangle is a wrapper for the Cython implementation of Jonathan Shewchuck’s Triangle library, a Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator.

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