COMPAS can be easily installed on multiple platforms, using popular package managers such as conda or pip.


Install with conda

The recommended way to install COMPAS is with conda. For example, create an environment named research and install COMPAS.

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda create -n research COMPAS

Afterwards, simply activate the environment and run the following command to check if the installation process was successful.

conda activate research
python -m compas
Yay! COMPAS is installed correctly!

COMPAS: 0.19.1
Python: 3.8.2 | packaged by conda-forge | (default, Apr 24 2020, 07:56:27) [Clang 9.0.1 ]

Installation options

Install COMPAS in an environment with a specific version of Python.

conda create -n research python=3.7 COMPAS

Install COMPAS in an existing environment.

conda install -n research COMPAS

Install with pip

Install COMPAS using pip from the Python Package Index.

pip install cython --install-option="--no-cython-compile"
pip install COMPAS

Install an editable version from local source.

cd path/to/compas
pip install -e .

Note that installation with pip is also possible within a conda environment.

conda activate my-project
pip install -e .

By default, planarity is marked as an optional requirement for installation with pip on Windows. To include planarity, add a conditional to the install command.

pip install compas[planarity]
pip install -e .[planarity]

Update with conda

To update COMPAS to the latest version with conda

conda update -n research COMPAS

To switch to a specific version

conda install -n research COMPAS=0.19.1

Update with pip

If you installed COMPAS with pip the update command is the following

pip install --upgrade COMPAS

Or to switch to a specific version

pip install COMPAS==0.19.1

Known Issues

If you encounter a problem that is not described here, please file an issue using the Issue Tracker.

Installing Planarity

The installation process with pip can fail while installing planarity, because cython is not installed. If this is the case, install cython using pip (or conda), before installing COMPAS.

pip install cython --install-option="--no-cython-compile"
pip install COMPAS

Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools

The installation with pip can fail because “Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools are missing”. To install the Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools choose one of the options provided here: and just follow the instructions. Then run the pip installation commands again.

RuntimeError: The current Numpy installation (…) fails to pass a sanity check

If you see this error, it means latest Numpy 1.19.4 could not init due to a bug from windows. To avoid it, simply downgrade Numpy by pip install numpy==1.19.3 See the detail of the bug here: