To set up a developer environment

  1. Fork the repository and clone the fork.

  2. Create a virtual environment using your tool of choice (e.g. virtualenv, conda, etc).

    conda create -n compas-dev python=3.8 cython --yes
    conda activate compas-dev
  3. Install development dependencies:

    cd path/to/compas
    pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
  4. Make sure all tests pass and the code is free of lint:

    invoke lint
    invoke test
  5. Create a branch for your contributions.

    git branch title-proposed-changes
    git checkout title-proposed-changes
  6. Start making changes!

Submitting a PR

Once you are done making changes, you have to submit your contribution through a pull request (PR). The procedure for submitting a PR is the following.

  1. Make sure all tests still pass, the code is free of lint, and the docstrings compile correctly:

    invoke lint
    invoke test
    invoke docs
  2. Add yourself to

  3. Summarize the changes you made in

  4. Commit your changes and push your branch to GitHub.

  5. Create a pull request.