compas.geometry.trimesh_remesh(mesh, target_edge_length, number_of_iterations=10, do_project=True)[source]

Remeshing of a triangle mesh.

  • mesh (tuple[sequence[[float, float, float] | Point], sequence[[int, int, int]]]) – A mesh represented by a list of vertices and a list of faces.

  • target_edge_length (float) – The target edge length.

  • number_of_iterations (int, optional) – Number of remeshing iterations.

  • do_project (bool, optional) – Reproject vertices onto the input surface when they are created or displaced.


  • list[[float, float, float]] – Vertices of the remeshed mesh.

  • list[[int, int, int]] – Faces of the remeshed mesh.


This remeshing function only constrains the edges on the boundary of the mesh. To protect specific features or edges, please use remesh_constrained().